Integral Policy

In 4e Global we prepare, preserve and distribute: Liquid soap, antibacterial gel, shampoo and other products for personal and household care, labels, sleeves, displays, containers and caps with international standards of Quality, Safety, Environment, Safety, Health Occupational and Social Responsibility that meet the needs of our interest group, addressing the risks of our environment, aligned with the strategic direction of the organization, complying with all applicable legal and other requirements.

Our processes are operated with a continuous improvement approach, establishing and monitoring the objectives of our Integral Management System ensuring the availability of the information and resources necessary to achieve them.

We are committed to the protection of the environment, controlling environmental risks through the application of continuous improvement programs.

Sustainable Development is a factor that reflects our firm commitment to the welfare of the present and future society. We work daily so that its application becomes an added value in our operations, through the search for the balance of economic performance, environmental balance and social responsibility.